Cavities are a common occurrence, and typically form as a result of decay in teeth. Tooth decay can result from improper oral hygiene or other contributing factors. Without the proper treatment, cavities can cause great damage to teeth, even to the point of completely losing a tooth beset with decay. One common treatment for a cavity is a filling – a restoration method that treats and shores up missing tooth structure.

A filling procedure typically involves cleaning out all of the decay in a tooth, then filling the empty space with either metal, porcelain, or composite material. Once filled, the spread of decay is prevented.

Dr. Luciani and his experienced staff at Greenridge Dentistry will give an expert assessment for each patient’s individual case of tooth decay and decide on the best plan of action in consultation with them. There are many considerations to be made for each case, and each case is different – you are in good hands with the knowledgeable staff at Greenridge Dentistry.

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