A tooth may crack, break, or become otherwise damaged due to trauma or periodontal disease. The tooth then often does not function properly, and may also not be aesthetically acceptable or may even cause pain or discomfort. When this occurs, Dental Crowns can be an excellent solution to help restore the damaged tooth. After any damage is cleaned up and any tooth decay is cleaned out of the tooth, a Dental Crown is used to completely cover the damaged tooth (or implant). This common restorative method will revitalize your smile, returning your smile’s functionality and aesthetics back to its best condition.

Dental Crowns in Philadelphia

Dr. Luciani and his professional staff will provide expert consultation on how best to restore and maintain a beautiful smile. Whether you have lost a tooth, have had trauma to your existing teeth, or are looking to cosmetically improve your smile, we are here to discuss the best course of treatment for your needs. Greenridge Dentistry is your best resource for crafting beautiful, natural-looking crowns to help you keep that beautiful smile for life.