Cleanings and Exams

Dr. Luciani and his professional staff are here to see to your oral health. During your routine cleaning and examinations, we will advise proper oral hygiene techniques to keep your smile its healthiest for years to come.

Your routine cleaning includes a professional cleaning by one of our hygienists, where they will have the opportunity to look over your current oral health to detect any problem areas that may need special attention. At times, X-rays may be used to further detect and diagnose conditions that need further assessment and review. Our staff are experts in performing a deep clean during your visit, ensuring that any missed plaque or tarter build up will be removed.

We understand that every patient is unique, thus requiring an individualized dental plan for every patient of ours to ensure each patient receives the best course of treatments for their needs. Our staff’s expertise will set up and advise the best dental health plan for your particular needs. This dental plan we craft for you along with proper hygiene taken at home will ensure optimal oral health, leaving you with a sparkling and trouble-free smile.

Set Your Appointment Up Today

Give us a call to book your next routine maintenance cleaning. Dr. Luciani and his expert staff will keep your smile looking and feeling it’s healthiest for years to come.