Dental Implants

A dental implant is a permanent prostheses that replaces a missing tooth. Teeth may be missing for many reasons including trauma, periodontal disease, or any type of accident or injury. In the case where a tooth has been severely damaged beyond repair, it may need to be extracted. A dental implant replaces the lost (or extracted) tooth, providing you with a fully-functioning, beautiful smile.

Dental Implants look, feel, and function just like natural teeth. They serve has a like-for-like replacement to restore damaged teeth. There can be single-tooth replacements where only a single implant is needed, or multi-tooth replacements where multiple teeth need to be replaced with multiple Implants. Dr. Luciani and his professional staff ensure tooth implants complement each patient’s individual smile by customizing their shape, color, and placement for the best fit and function, leaving you with a pearly white smile.

At Greenridge Dentistry, we care for the long-term health of our patients. Just as every case is different and unique, we understand that every individual is also different and unique. Many factors are always taken into account when deciding on the best course of treatment for each patient of ours, including their oral health, overall lifestyle, and health history. After a comprehensive assessment, Dr. Luciani will be happy to sit down and discuss the best and most effective method of restorative treatment option for your particular case.

Dental Implants in Philadelphia

If you are considering Dental Implants, contact us today. You will have the opportunity to meet Dr. Luciani and ask any questions you may have regarding this restorative treatment or any other facet of your dental health and wellbeing. After Dr. Luciani reviews your specific case, he will be happy to go over all available treatment options as well as review the whole process in detail.